About Us



     While it may appear that Fizz Bizz LLC has exploded onto the market overnight, Chalissa and Garreth Russell have spent their entire careers prepping for the right opportunity. Chalissa, an entrepreneur in her own right, has spent over a decade running a crafting business where great customer service is a MUST. One evening she decided to make bath bombs for her bunko group’s gifts because they are her absolute favorite. Her first batch was posted on facebook and she was ecstatic. The next morning, she had 20 orders waiting for her and at that moment it clicked. Garreth has spent the last 9 years working at a compound pharmacy. He attended UAMS College of Pharmacy and graduated in 2016 earning his Doctorate in pharmacy. In this setting he is heavily regulated by organizations such as the FDA which helped prepare him for the bath bomb industry. With his skillset and her business savvy ideals they decided to create the perfect bath bomb. Many companies out there have one type of oil, a bunch of additives, and skimp on fragrance. Fizz Bizz LLC is not that company. Chalissa and Garreth pride themselves on using quality and simple ingredients that are determined to leave a customer moisturized and satisfied. Their belief is that someone should be able to drop in a bath bomb, sit back, and relax. There is no need to worry about cleaning the tub, the bath bomb staining, or spending the next 3 days removing all the glitter.


 Thank you for taking the time to get to know Fizz Bizz LLC. We would love to get to know you!